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Mad Hatter Tea Party 3 | The Free Art Society


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Massive Mad Hatter Tea Party:

An Open Invitation to the Inhabitants of the Kingdom of
Nouveau York:

Come all, most, none, or some to the greatest Tea Party that
never was, but ever will be!! For the third year in a row, the Free Art Society brings to the thrill-thirsty public a fast and loose reenactment of the classic C.S. Lewis novel, Alice In Wonderland.

But WHEN?!

Saturday, October 20th, 4-6 PM


East Village, Manhattan, New York, The United States of
America, Planet Earth, Wonderland.

But WHO?!

Exclusively restricted to the mad, bonkers,
out-of-their-heads, and most importantly, Hatted!

But HOW?!

Without a dime!
Fitted in your finest Wonderland wears.

But WHAT?!

Tea and crumpets! dancing and singing! general merriment and frolicking!
A Jabberwocky battle for the ages and brief
moments of in- and out- sanity.

But WHY?!

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Well we haven’t the slightest!

But which way I ought to go from here?!

Follow us down the rabbit hole in an epic parade of muchness through the streets to Gemini & Scorpio’s After
Tea Party Party, because it’s ALWAYS tea time.